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the definition

哇佬 wā lǎo

is one of the interjections in Manglish (Malaysian English) – a creole spoken in Malaysia.

We spread the feeling of WALAAO (joyful, amazing, wonder) to our clients and partners.

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Whether you are looking for educational, career or professional opportunities, being able to uncover and ride on your own potential is important to lasting success and true happiness in work.

WALAAO Team dedicates to provide individuals an enriched experience from learning processes to industry excellence, for both its community and professionally for corporates.

Connecting People to Personal Opportunities and Growth Platforms Around the World

Over the years, the WALAAO Team has built a credible reputation in the education and training industry.

We believe that leaders are not only “BORN”, but also “MADE” when given an opportunity. With this, we have connected more than 20,000 youths to growth platforms and will continue to serve our next generation as well as professional development.

WALAAO was initiated by a group of buddies who believed in educational accessibility. Our team had worked from a tiny attic area before we moved into a professional office setting.

With all the challenges and obstacles ahead, we stand tall for each other, and create closely bonded corporate family.

We  confidently add WALAAO-ness sincerely by embracing the light of truth in our work and services.

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